Guiding Principles

Honoring the trust of our clients is the foundation of our firm. This principle guides us in all aspects of managing our business.

We understand our market position is built on strong, long-term client relationships which require that we deliver the exceptional service and results our clients, and we, expect.

The most important investment we make is in our people. Providing a rewarding work environment and unique culture will ensure that we attract and retain great individuals.

At Orinda Asset Management we are guided by these principles:

  • respect the confidence investors have placed in us and our role as fiduciary;
  • be candid in communications – don’t overstate the potential or understate the challenges;
  • balance conviction with humility;
  • be cognizant of the potential effects of asset size on performance, and the firm in general;
  • our employees should have an economic interest in the success of the firm, and our clients’ success.